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Hello Lesson

We are happy to offer a free Hello Lesson. This introductory lesson is scheduled for 45 minutes so that the student and family can discover how Caroline and Christian work with the student, how everyone gets along, the layout of the studio, and to answer any questions. Hello Lesson appointments are arranged over the phone or via text. Please call or text the number below if you are interested.

After a Hello Lesson has been scheduled, please fill out the Student Information Form.


From our home studio, Caroline and Christian teach violin,  viola, cello,  and bass using techniques such as scales, etudes, solo concertos and sight reading. The methods used include Suzuki, Avsharian, or whatever works best for the student.  Lessons taught in blocks of 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly, with fees ranging from $120- $240 per month.

Cash, check (made out to Caroline Wylie-Paetsch or Christian Paetsch) or Zelle are accepted for tuition payments. Please be sure to include student's name! Tuition by the 15th of each month.


The studio address address is:

16346 E Prentice Cir

Centennial, CO  80015

We are located in the Piney Creek neighborhood.

We teach out of our home and live in a cul-de-sac. Our neighbors are very supportive of our music studio, and we try to support them in return by being careful where and how our students and families park. If the driveway is clear, please feel free to park there. If you park in front of the house, please park with the nose of your car facing our house. We are able to have parking for our students as well as the teenagers next door with this parking arrangement. The end houses have a spot to park in front of their houses, and the straight street in front of the cul-de-sac always has spots open. Please just walk into the cul-de-sac from there.

On the LEFT side of our home is a brick walkway. Please follow the walkway into our backyard and downstairs into our basement studio. You will know you are at the correct house because of the decorations and signs. No need to ring the basement doorbell; come in, have a seat and relax. We will come and meet you as soon as we are able. Remember to bring your instrument, music, and any other supplies you need. 

We are excited to see you!

Contact Us


Phone: (303) 349-6044